I looked over at Liam Reed and had to fight to keep from returning his grin. He was devilishly handsome with his straight black hair, deep blue eyes, chiseled features and a body so muscled and fit, it was hard to keep from staring.
“You think sex is boring?” he asked, his tone incredulous.
I didn’t even try not to roll my eyes.
“You’ve just guaranteed I won’t be dropping this, luv, ” he said, that subtle hint of haughty in his tone doing funny things to my insides again.
For an injured man, he moved like lightning. He snaked his arm out and grabbed onto the stool again. In a flash, I was inches away from him, my heart beating so hard, I was afraid he could hear it.
“Maybe we’re not supposed to do this, but this will give you something to think about until after my surgery.”
He brushed that wild curl off my cheek and dipped his head. His lips came against mine, and electricity jolted through me so hard and fast, I gasped. Holy hell could he kiss. He took his sweet time, dusting my lips with soft kisses, nipping my bottom lip, slipping his tongue inside on a breath.


Fun didn’t quite capture how it felt to kiss the lovely Olivia. Scalding hot and mind-bending was more like it. Something about her hit me in a strange way. The moment she’d said sex was boring, it was as if she’d poured gas on a fire. I loved a challenge and I’d be damned if I’d let Olivia pass me by. All on her own she was a challenge, but she’d thrown down the gauntlet with that. There was nothing I liked more than a challenge. Then, I’d gone and kissed her. I’d kept it together and managed to tease her afterwards, but I felt as if I’d been knocked back on my heels ever since.
I knew it bothered her to have me pursuing her, and not only did I not give a damn, but the naughtier she thought it was, the more I wanted her. I also knew, somewhere deep down inside, that the desire between us was like no other, and I had to experience it.
“Olivia, don’t go thinking we can’t do this because it’s not proper. It’s perfectly proper…”