Just friends. Right?


Lacey Adams is a tomboy of the highest order. She lives and breathes independence and absolutely doesn’t need a man. Until life throws her a curveball, and she falls right into the arms of her best friend.


Quinn is conveniently strong enough to catch Lacey’s fall. Lacey suddenly notices Quinn is smokin’ hot. She’s in danger of melting on the spot, so it’s handy she doesn’t have to worry about falling. Except maybe she does.


Quinn gave up ever thinking he might have a chance with Lacey. Until one kiss changes everything.


Lacey falls into Quinn’s arms for nothing to do with love, but she can’t escape the sparks flying between them. Meanwhile, she’s facing down a challenge to the strength that defines her and finds herself turning to Quinn for support in ways she never imagined.


Sometimes when you stumble and fall, you discover who’s there to catch you.