Opposites attract doesn’t come close.


A fender bender, a vegetarian, and a rugged outdoorsman who knows more about hunting than romance. 


Jessa Hamilton didn’t mean to back into that truck, and Eli Brooks doesn’t have time to deal with a fender bender. Yet, one look at the woman who backed into him, and he forgets all about his dented bumper.


Jessa is practically rubbing pennies together when she drives to Alaska to stay with her family. While she tries to get her life back on track, her chance encounter with Eli leads to much more than that. He’s dangerously hot with a grumpy edge, but she can’t stay away.


Eli never expected to fall in love. But he can’t ignore Jessa even though they have next to nothing in common. Sparks ignite a brushfire between them, and this fire can’t be put out.