A footballer legendary for keeping his cool.

A young woman immune to the charms of men, particularly cocky, swoon-worthy athletes.

Alex Gordon plays his cards close to his chest. Being an international soccer star has its perks, yet he isn’t swayed by the superficial charms of women. Along comes Harper—brilliant, beautiful, reserved Harper. She represents a challenge he can’t deny, not to mention she sends him into a tailspin of burning need with one kiss.

Harper Jacobs has her reasons for playing it safe. Scarred by an encounter that still haunts her, she’s determined no one will know how carefully constructed her defenses are.

Alex sets Harper aflame inside, a rather inconvenient problem. There’s that and the fact he’s so strong she’s tempted to believe she might have finally encountered a man who makes her feel safe. With her past nipping at her heels, Harper sets out to prove to herself she can take back what was stolen from her.

A fling with Alex seems almost too good to be true for Harper. Yet, Alex doesn’t intend to be anyone’s fling and most definitely not Harper’s. The attraction beating with its own heart between them sends them hurtling toward an intimacy neither expected.

Protecting the net is easy.

The heart…not so much.